Berkeley CCS 2000

Automatic Core Cutter

The CCS automatic core cutter is a highly cost effective machine that requires minimum operator intervention. The CCS cutting system utilised a pneumatically loaded crush cut knife. A high powered pneumatic cylinder ensures that the knife will cut through the hardest of core materials. The depth of cut is automatically measured to ensure that once the correct cut depth is reached, any bur is removed, and the blade will automatically retract. This increases the life of both the cutting blade and the inner mandrel.

The touch screen interface allows the operator to programme specific core lengths that the CCS will automatically cut the cores to. Unlike some competitive systems, the option for variable core lengths is built into the CCS machine as standard. Up to eight different lengths can be programmed to be cut out of a parent tube.




Automatic Core Cutter Specification
  • PLC controlled, positioning algorithms for precise and clean cuts

  • Touch screen control with user friendly graphic symbols

  • Variable Core Length option as standard (up to 8 lengths)

  • Pneumatically loaded crush cut knife

  • High powered cylinder

  • Automatic depth measurement

  • Automatic blade retraction (increases the life of the cutting blade and inner mandrel)

  • Rotary blade feature (increases the longevity of the cutting edge)

  • Cutting speed, depending on core dia. length & wall thickness approx 80 cuts per/min