Berkeley Puncher 850


Automatic punching/cutting machine to cut a wide range of paper and laminate profiles.  The machine operates through a high speed platen processing unit using male and female dies.  The waste is extracted automatically through the cycle of the production of profiles.

The operation of the machine is assisted by a PLC micro-electronic control system and a LCD visual display. This includes electronic optical tracking for pre-printed material, and automatic compensation technology for length feeding control.  The controls are easily displayed through an operator control panel allowing for accurate production of the cut/punched profiles.  The length adjustment and electronic controls are driven by servo motors.

Berkeley Puncher 850

Machine's working conditions

  • Environmental temperature: -1 - 35ºC
  • Air relative humidity is less than 85%
  • The fluctuation of power supply and voltage must not exceed 10%


  • Material Thickness: 50 microns to 500 microns
  • Maximum web width: 950mm
  • Minimum web width: 360mm
  • Side-lay adjustment: +/- 50mm
  • Unwind: Maximum roll diameter 1500mm with pneumatic air shaft and automatic power lift. Maximum weight of reel is 600kgs
  • Cutting style: Male and Female punching from reel of paper
  • Cutting speed: 220-280 cuts/minute, subject to material and production conditions
  • Infeed: Variable infeed with intermittent festoon (35/min). The infeed roller can be exchanged for an engraved embossing cylinder. 
  • Max Feed Length: 200m (can be increased to equal draw length for machine tool)
  • Compressed air: 0.2mm/min, 0.5Pa
  • Main Power: 4KW
  • Total Power: 6KW
  • Weight: 6000kgs
  • Dimensions: 2900mm x 1400mm x 1350mm (LxWxH)
  • Electronic Cabinet/Operator Control: 700mm x 700mm x 1350mm (LxWxH)