Comet Sprint CS Top Loading Flexo Press

General Specifications:

Maximum Paper Width:          370mm, 480mm, 530mm

Maximum Print Width:            360mm, 470mm, 520mm

Maximum die-cutting Width:  360mm, 470mm, 520mm


Print Registration Drives:

CS3 Model  Manual register control

CS5 Model  Electronic servo drive to impression cylinder

CS7 Model  Electronic servo drive to print & impression cylinder


Die Cutting Registration Drives:

CS3 Model                                   Manual register control

CS5                                               Model Electronic servo drive to die cutting cylinder

CS7                                               Model Electronic servo drive to die cutting cylinder

Print Repeat:                                180-609.6mm

Sheeting Repeat:                        180-609.6mm

Die Repeat:                                  180-609.6mm

Maximum Unwind Diameter:      40” (1016mm)

Single Rewind Diameter:            40” (1016mm)

Duplex Rewind Diameter:           30” (762mm)


Hardened Ground Helical Gears: 1/8 CP,3.175mm

Maximum Mechanical Speed: 500fpm (152m/min)

Drive:                                            15kw – 370mm wide (8 colour)

                                                      20kw – 480mm wide (8 colour)

                                                      23kw – 530mm wide (8 colour)

                                                      This may increase depending on final specification

UV Drive:                                      6.5kw each – 370mm

                                                      7.5kw each – 480mm

                                                      8.0kw each – 530mm

Lubricating System:                    Automatic

Control Panel:                             In the front of the Press

Air Pressure:                               100PSI (0.6Mp)

Power Requirement:                  380VAC 3ph 50HZ – Or specify

Substrate:                                   50-250gsm – paper 

                                                    20-150micron – film

Plate Thickness:                        1.14mm or 1.7mm

Tape Thickness:                        0.38mm

One unwind unit, maximum diameter 40” (1016mm) with pneumatic 3" (76mm) dia. shaft,  with power roll lift

E & L electronic sensing, with splice table, and closed loop tension control system.

Web break detector

Motorised Driven Variable in feed with Servo Drive:

1 x Rail system which allows the converting units to be moved to any print station

1 x moveable Turn bar for reverse printing

1 x moveable Delam / Relam unit

2 x moveable pressure nip roller assemblies for cold foil and special jobs

1 x moveable Cold lamination unit

1 x moveable Cold Foil Unwind & Rewind


Print Stations (top loading print Unit)

print unit 4.png

Print Stations (top loading print unit) including laser engraved ceramic anilox rolls with helical gears, print cylinders, and high precision ground impression cylinders.  Including chiller impression cylinder of 37” circumference for short web path and reducing of material when setting up the press.  The short web path reduces material costs and waste and is driven by a mechanical belt drive, providing a circumferential register of +(-) 25mm


19mm gauge steel manufactured print station side frames engineered to high precision tolerances, which sit on a side frame platform

25mm web stressed steel profile side frames on the die cutting stations, designed for excellent stability

The print cylinder and anilox rollers have a top loading design, which allows for quick change over

Constant turning anilox rolls with automatic throw-off without loss of register when the press stops

High precision ceramic anilox rolls

Quick change tool-less ink tray, which is pneumatically released from the print unit for colour change, in all print units

Quick change anilox roll facility

Fine adjustment of plate cylinder

Running lateral adjustment (Manual) model.  Once the machine has been set by the operator, the print will stay in register.

Tolerance of +(-) 25mm manual register control on CS3 model

360º circumferential servo register control on CS5 and CS7 models

Quick change tool-less print cylinder designed with 2 locating discs, 1 on the drive side and 1 on the operator’s side, which provide excellent print to material contact with minimum adjustment

Automatic self-cleaning throw-off without loss of register when the press stops

Automatic plate cylinder throw-off without loss of register when the press stops

Designed and built for easy access to all parts, easy cleaning, maintenance or replacement

Reverse angle doctor blade with fine adjustment

Metering roller

Stainless steel ink tray

Auto Cure UV units with step-less control.  Can be fitted with Mercury or LED lamp heads

Hot Air & IR Integrated Dryers with independent temperature control for each print unit

1 user-friendly control panel for each print and converting station


 1 Middle air nip roll

Air operated rubber roll

Pressure regulator and indicator

Grounded steel pressure roll

1 Motorised Outfeed air nip roll station

1 Auto View manual Video web inspection system, with 17" monitor, 200 lines resolution, one stroboscope lamp

1 x Rotary slitting unit with 2 pneumatic rotary slitting blades

1 x 76mm waste rewind unit with maximum 500mm dia.

2 x Rotary die stations with removable anvils, as standard



3 sets of print cylinders

1 set of ceramic engraved anilox rollers

1 Set of consumables and spare parts



Rotary Sheeting station

Rotary Sheeting Cylinder

Sheeter Conveyor

Tinting Roller

Chiller Roll Impression Cylinders

Chiller Refrigeration Unit

Crush slitting

Razor slitting



Warranty (12 months after installation):

The goods offered under this quotation are warranted free from defects in design, material and construction for a period of 12 months from the date of dispatch. Should a component fail during the 12 month warranty period it will be exchanged free of charge. The warranty is for parts only and does not include labour, travelling or delivery.

Price: Subject to client’s specification


Schematic Drawing for a Comet Sprint CS370-9