Over the last ten years, we have developed and established our own unique range of label and packaging solutions. Designed with the customer in mind, we have expanded our product line to one of the largest on the market today. All of our machines undergo vigorous quality and safety checks above and beyond today’s industry requirements. 

Contact us today and learn how our innovative concepts and flexible design options allow us to manufacture printing solutions for your needs. 


Special Offers 

Berkeley Machinery are proud to offer you the following machines at amazing prices!

Flexographic Presses

The most common printing press for the label and packaging industry. Flexographic presses can print on any substrate and with Berkeley Machinery's intellectual designs you can produce a wide range of label and packaging products inline.  

Offset Presses

Offset Presses have been used for commercial printing for many years now and are used for specialised products associated with the wine and beverage industry.

Gravure Presses

Berkeley Machinery's gravure presses allows the user to print gravure on a wide range of film and other special substrates. 

Core Cutters

Berkeley Machinery core cutters offer a perfect solution for both large and small label and packaging convertors. Our core cutters can also be customised for other industrial requirements. 

Video Plate Mounters

Video plate mounters allow the user to mount plates on both cylinders and sleeves for both narrow and wide web flexo presses.

Slitter Rewinders

Slitter rewinders are used to convert large reels into smaller reels which improves productivity and reduces material costs. This is useful for pre-printed reels or stock material which is sourced on wider reels. 

Die Cutting/Hot Foil Machines

These specialised machines are used for die cutting labels and industrial products and can include hot stamping and embossing features as well. 

Laminators & Coaters

Laminators & coaters are used to produce laminated packaging products and innovative printing solutions. 

Exagon Print Tower

The Exagon Print tower allows the user to print both offset and flexo in the same print unit. 

Sleeving Machines

Our unique range of sleeving machines can convert shrink film into printed sleeves at the highest quality. 

Inspection & Detection Machinery

Inspection & detection machines can be used for ensuring high quality label and packaging products needed to meet stringent requirements. 

Central Impression Flexo Machines

Central impression machines are suitable to print both unsupported and supported film with very fast make ready features at high productivity. 

Used Machinery

Berkeley Machinery only sells the highest quality in used machinery with all of our machines going through a stringent approval process. 

Rotary Screen Presses

Rotary flat screen presses allow the manufacturer to produce screen printed labels or tactile images.

Custom Machinery 

Working closely with the customer Berkeley Machinery can produce specialised machinery used to manufacture unique and patented products. 


Berkeley Machinery offers a variety of accessories which can be added to improve both the quality and productivity of your existing presses.