Rotary Flat Screen Presses

The Apollo SC-330

The Apollo SC-330 is a fully automatic reel fed silk screen machine that prints as many colors as required by reprocessing the reel or using a pre-printed reel from another process, i.e., flexo, offset or gravure, etc. The machine has a re-registration facility that allows the user to manufacture a broad range of ideas from labels to industrial products. The modules can also be connected to an existing process line to offer silk screen facilities that apply inks, adhesives, electronic circuit designs, etc. 

Apollo sc-330.jpg


  • Print Frame:- Size 450mm x 450mm
  • Printing Size:- 300mm x 300mm
  • Maximum Material Width:-  330mm
  • Print Speed:-  30m/min
  • Total Machine dimensions:-  including unwind, silk screen station and dryer with product rewind 3600mmL x 1400mmW x 1300mmH.
  • Machine Weight of all 3 components:-  2200 kilos
  • Machine Power:-  1.5kw
  • Power Supply:- 380 volts 3 phase / 50hz


Paper, board, adhesive laminates, PVC, PET, Industrial Substrates, Special Film, Flexible Circuit Board, Electronic Sealers, Mobile Phone Parts etc.

Modules as above

Nos 1 x Unwind Unit with intermittent stepping roller, dancer control, and tension system to take a reel of maximum dia of 600mm dia on a 76mm air shaft on twin support frames.

Nos 1 x Silk Screen Station with infeed platform and silk screen head with automatic silk screen ink applicator, and print frame locating plate. The unit includes an automatic feeding unit with computer frequency control and full operator controls for speed, and length etc displayed on a colour operating screen. A safety automatic stop in case material runs out.

Nos 1 x Out feed Unit on the Silk Screen Station for variable adjustment of the material.

Nos 1 xIntegrated four walled tunnel infra red drying system with full variable drying facility, which allows the printed material to circulate through all four tunnels giving enough web path length to dry effectively, and then out fed through an out feed slot into the drying unit.

Nos 1 x Product Rewind Unit which is built within the centre of the drying unit, allowing for a maximum reel of 600mm dia on a 76mm cantilever air shaft, including independent tension control.