Rotopress 3510 -7D - 7 Colour Flexographic Label Press

Ref. BM00233

The Rotopress is one of the best presses ever manufactured, and considered by many press manufacturers, like ourselves, to have the most advanced technical designs.  The Vandenberg family who were immigrants from Europe, built an excellent engineering company in Cincinnati, USA with machine components of the highest quality and tolerances.  The Rotopress has superseded all expectations, as it is robust and reliable, with very low maintenance costs.   Nilpeter purchased this company for good reason and are now manufacturing their own products and have used the fundamental design of the Rotopress in their latest range of presses such as the Nilpeter FB series.

  • Age: 1996
  • Unwind roll lifter
  • Unwind with end of roll stop
  • Magpower auto tension 
  • Electronic web guide
  • 7 colours
  • 7 hot air drying with 3 temp settings
  • UV printing 5 (stations 1, 3, 5, 6 & 7 but can be changeable)
  • 273mm max web width
  • 265mm max print width
  • 152.4 - 609.6mm (6” - 24” )print & die cut repeats
  • 1/8 CP gearing (5 print & all die stations also have 32DP gearing)
  • Turn bar
  • Manual web guide/web shifter
  • 4 die-cutting stations (including sheeting station)
  • BST video web inspection system
  • Mario Cotta pneumatic shear slitting unit with 3 blade holders
  • 3 air crush knives for slitting/trimming
  • Dual rewind mandrels
  • Material thicknesses 100 to 300u
  • 18,135 machine hours
  • New print units guards have been fitted
  • Additional Ancillary items
  • 4 spare UV lamps
  • Additional turn bar
  • Available immediately

Please see video links of the Rotopress 3510-7D in operation.