Morgan CL6H Hotmelt Coater Laminator

Ref. BM00195

Machine Has Been Sold

Age: 2015

The Morgan CL6 is the 6th of its kind to be designed and manufactured to commercially produce Pressure-Senstive Labelstock.  Prior designs have been used by Avery-Dennison and UPM Raflatac.  CL6 is a dedicated Hotmelt coater with a rewind flying-splice and was designed to reduce waste and improve efficiency.


Roller face with: 1200mm

Coating width: 1020mm

Max line speed 250m/min

Coating speed with current melter 160m/min

Oil heated coating rollers - coating weight range - 10gsm-60gsm

Main panel, touch screen control

Flying Splice Rewind

Hotmelt Roller Coater

Nordson Drum Melter

Shaft-less Unwinds: 76mm & 152mm Combi Core Chucks

250m/min Operating Speed

160m/min Current Coating Speed - dependent on melting capacity and hot melt

Adhesives used

Coating Width: 1000mm


2 x unwinds

Shaft-less Unwinds - with combi chuck 76mm and 152mm with motorised movement of the shaft-less arms 

Auto tension via pnemuatic brake

Max OD 1500mm

Motorised side lay movement for manual web control


Two roll coater

Coating roller Fine gap adjustment

Full control over Applicator and metering roller RPM

Full control over Coating nip Pressure

Flying Splice/Rewind

Dancer controlled, AC driven Double shaft current rewind Airshaft

Touch screen setup

Tension, Splice length etc.

Splice length - min 50m to 3000m

Splice at line speed, no slow down

3 phase input, 200Amp - including Oil heater and Melter

6 tonnes shipping weight (approx)

Delta PLC control

Delta AC drives

This coater produced approximately 9,000,000m2 over the last year. This was off a single shift and is obviously well below it’s optimum capacity.