Omet FX420

REF: BM00336

Suitable for printing self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging > 20mhu

Material width: 430mm
Printing width: 420mm
Year: 2007
1 x 76mm Unwind, max. 1000mm diameter
Static Bars 
1 x Vetaphone Corona Treater
4 x Flexo print stations + 1 platform for extra print station
1 x BST Web Guide
1 x Teknek Web Cleaner
1 x Delam/Relam unit 
4 x GEW UV E-Brick
3 x Hot air driers 
1 x Chiller with chill drums water-cooled 
1 x BST Camera 
3  x Rotary die stations 
1 x Matrix rewind
1 x 76mm Rewind, max,1000mm diameter
Library of print cylinders