The Autocut ECS 1300


  • Maximum Rewinding diameter: 600mm
  • Maximum Unwinding diameter: 800mm
  • Maximum Mechanical Speed: 400m/min
  • Maximum Slitting Width: 50-1300mm
  • Substrates: 12-70 micron film. 40-300gsm paper and board
  • Core Diameter: 76mm, 152mm
  • Weight: 4700kg
  • Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
  • Total Power: 17kW

Main Mechanical Configuration

Machine main configuration from 50mm HTS cast iron and solid steel cross members. 

Main transmission roller uses seamless steel tube with surface chrome finish that is hardened and dynamically balanced. Roller Length 1400mm, diameter 120mm. 

Pneumatically controlled transmission rubber rollers, from part of the control features of the slitting operation, and are machined to a high tolerance, with a rubber coating finish and dynamically balanced. Roller length 1400mm, diameter 90mm. 

Twin infeed rollers (metal and rubber roller). Roller length 1400mm, diameter 90mm. The rollers have a spreading feature to allow for the conversion of difficult material or badly converted supply of virgin material (slack edges etc). 

Main transmission of motor drive (ABB or Siemens) is synchronised by a belt to the main motor, allowing for precise and easy maintenance to the servicing of the drive. The operating controls are controlled by a PLC to manage the operators converting requirements. 

Unwind Unit

Unwind unit with twin steel support frames with automatic shaft-less lift, with hydraulic lift. Chucks controlled by pneumatic value, 3" and 6" chucks supplied. 

The motorised transmission on the linear track, which moves the automatic chucks are independently controlled by a separate motor ABB or Siemens. 

ABB or Siemens motor to provide infinite unwinding of the reel, which also acts as a command brake linked to an automatic closed loop tension system, which can be operated in manual or automatic mode. 

Operating screen with color touch screen, providing full logic and operating controls for the operator

AWG-5000 (USA) Web Guiding System

This system is incorporated between unwind and rewind, prior to slitting, which is designed by wide web slitting applications, operating at speeds in excess of 200m/min.

Rewind Unit

Rewinding is done on a dual rewinding system with 2 independent differential shafts with friction free 3" (76mm) cores. The shafts are locked by pneumatically controlled system. 

After the reels have been completed, the finished reels can be unloaded on a loading twin arm device, which link onto the unloading side of the finished reels differential shafts. This is known as a tree unloading system, which is included in the price.

Rewinding tension is controlled by the proportionate diameter of the rewinding product and is operated by a closed loop tension system, which can be operated in automatic or manual mode. 

The cutting knife shaft is controlled by a pneumatic knife system and is supplied with 8 knife holders, which can be moved easily along the cutting anvil of the slitting machine and is situated on the front of the operating side. Allowing the operator easy access, incorporating a user friendly design.

The location of the slitting position comes standard with an infrared light, which allows the operator to lock the pneumatic slitter in the correct position. 

Trim extraction exhaust system and fan is included.