The Autoflex is a stable production platform that holds exceptional register even during slow down and ramp up to full speed. The additional printing capacity we now have allows us to service our existing contracts more easily and offer a wider range of quality products to a more diversified list of companies, mostly in the food and pharmaceutical markets in France and elsewhere.
— Xerox
The Comet RSX-430 8-C is an adroit blend of traditional mechanical engineering and modern electronic enablement. The traditional mechanical drive train, body and configuration of components are cleverly conceptualized and sturdily built, whilst the modern electronic enablers are strategically configured, in order to bestow the greatest impact on operator efficiency and job throughput.

The press has been designed and assembled in a manner, which affords significant user-friendliness, in terms of operator tasks, as well as relatively uncomplicated maintenance and parts replacement. The RSX-430 8-C has demonstrated its capacity and capability to achieve Rotoflex Jamaica’s stated immediate product/market objectives; those being business continuity in their traditional pressure sensitive label- and decorative bunting- markets and entry into the BOPP beverage label market.

The press has been designed, constructed and equipped to manufacture and finish more complex packaging products, such as – shrink sleeves and flexible packaging, as wells as foil stamping and blind embossing for high-end liquor labels, with appropriate retrofitting and retooling
— Rotoflex Jamaica Limited
In our search for the best flexo press, we came across Berkeley Machinery but much to our chagrin, we were furnished with not only technical but machinery and excellent printing advice that enabled us to maintain our contract with our client. We have realised we are able to produce excellent quality print of specialised labels for the liquor and beverage market. The press was a new investment for a new project for us and we found that the help given by Berkeley Machinery, in terms of technical knowhow and training, as well as human resources in getting us personnel, was excellent and we would like to thank you for this. We know we can rely on Berkeley Machinery for not only machinery support but also for the know how to print any liquor and beverage label.
— Mallsberg Press LTD
Since the installation of Berkeley Machinery CCM 2000 Manual Core Cutter we have had no problems whatsoever with this equipment
— Tim Fountain, MD of Harkwell Labels