Where Does Flexo Technology Fit Into The Future?

Today conventional printing makes up the vast majority of the printed packaging market and will remain so for many years to come. Press manufacturers are very aware of the market trends and reduced product run lengths demanded by retailers and marketing sectors. They are adding more automation into the latest analogue press designs in order to reduce set up times and waste. But conventional press manufacturers are also embracing the new technology producing finishing lines or combination digital & flexo platforms with finishing lines in a single pass. Printing companies need to be aware that the latest printing press designs will & do offer a significant step forward in improving capacity, quality and ability to keep ahead of the game.

What should I look for when investing in a new press?

1. Quality

Print quality must be consistent and deliver an outstanding print quality, assuring the customer requirements and expectations are always met.

2. Productivity

The press must be extremely productive, up time maximal, and operation should be trouble free. The goal should be to maximise waste savings and achieve highest productivity levels.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility must be built in with every press, to handle a wide range of materials, to use the best print technology, and to adapt to current and future markets. With this design philosophy the press will prove its value long into the future.