The Auto Sprint HTR 3500

Turret Rewinder


AutoSprint Specification.png


This turret rewinder is manufactured using recognized International electronic and pneumatic components, which provide intelligent production solutions. This turret has a full servo closed-loop tension control and an automatic core feeding system, using a vibrating bowl, which feeds the cores through a channeled conveyor onto the indexing turret.

This turret rewinder includes 1”, 3.5” and 3” quick release air expansion shafts. Other sizes are available on request.

This turret automatically sets itself to the variable diameter of the rewound product and does not need to be adjusted manually, when changing the size of the finished product reels by inputting the information into the HMI touch screen controls

This turret also has an automatic gluing system to attach the tail of the converted product onto the rewinding core.

The gluing system consists of an automatic heating tank and dispersing pump to apply the hot melt adhesive through a unique chamber design.