Core Cutters

Berkeley Machinery's core cutters are perfect for cutting a variety of cores from cardboard to plastic. Our machines are very easy to operate and are manufactured to the highest quality. See below for our current range of core cutters for sale. 

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Berkeley CCS 2000 Automatic Core Cutter

The CCS automatic core cutter is designed to be a highly cost effective unit that requires minimum operator intervention.

The touch screen interface allows the operator to programme the specific core lengths required which the machine will automatically cut to that length.

The advanced touch screen interface allows cores of different lengths to be programmed in each cut sequence to optimise the usage of the parent cores. 

Berkeley CCM 2000 Manual Core Cutter

The CCM manual core cutter is a fast operating machine, designed for perfect cuts each and every time.  

Berkeley EasyCut Semi-Automatic Core Cutter

The EasyCut 1500 is a semi-automatic core cutter that is ideal for customers looking for high quality accurate finishes with minimum operator input. 

It has quick and easy settings for different core diameters and wall thicknesses, and the ability to cut both cardboard and plastic.

Core Cutter Comparison