Offset Presses

Offset presses provide an alternative printing solution to flexographic printing. Berkeley Machinery's offset presses are designed with the customer in mind and can be produced with intermittent drives or full rotary drives using print sleeves or print cassettes. Offset presses are perfect for specialised printers in the wine and beverage industry. 


Autostar 610 Offset Press

The modestly priced Autostar 610 is a straight web pass press suitable for high quality printing results. 

The web can also be operated alternatively for inter-deck UV drying. This can be done to achieve excellent printing results on coated stock, boards and plastics. With an unmatched repeat range and a large range of stock thicknesses, this press, coupled with multiple output options is a true performer.


Autostar IM-350

The Autostar IM-350 is our latest offset intermittent packaging press.

The Autostar IM-350 produces a wide range of printing products at the highest quality without the need to change print cassettes or tooling. The electronic intermittent drive allows for variable print lengths depending on the model.