Video Plate Mounters

Video plate mounters are essential for all flexographic printing presses which need perfect plate mounting on both print cylinders and print sleeves. 

Berkeley VP Mounter

The Berkeley VP Plate Mounter allows for quick and precise plate mounting through the use of a foot pedal. The plate mounter includes a computer with two cameras and a video monitor for added accuracy. This reduces the registration time and allows for an accurate mounting of plates with continuous data calibration. 

Berkeley AP Mounter

The Berkeley AP plate mounter is suitable for plate mounting applications on letterpresses, rotary narrow web flexo printing presses, and wide web flexo printing presses.  The plate mounter is capable of handling print cylinders with a diameter of 50 to 1300 mm, depending on the model.

VP530-S Video Plate Mounter

The VP530-S Video Plate Mounter is a versatile machine designed for quick and precise plate mounting. 

Mount your plates in under 30 seconds!