Slitter Rewinders

Berkeley Machinery manufactures a wide range of Slitter Rewinders which can be used for many industrial and packaging requirements. We can also develop custom machines depending on the needs of the customer, this includes machines ranging from 250mm wide to 3 meters plus. 

Apollo Series

The Apollo series offers versatile slitter rewinders which are designed to partner any label press in the production of final label reels. 

Easy loading on all pneumatic shafts for unwind and rewind - rotary slitting blades - edge guides - perfect tension control - waste extraction - length and label count and lots more.

The Apollo series can be built with a Memjet digital print engine for advanced operation and computer controls.

Autocut Series

The Autocut series is suitable for a wide range of paper and board materials from 30gsm – 550gsm.  The processing unit allows you to convert materials with an uneven gauge across the web using a unique surface center rewind facility.

The machine is controlled by an electronic PLC (programmable logic controller) which is linked to a comprehensive HMI (human machine interface) touch screen with complete, user-friendly logic controls.

Berkeley X9

The Berkeley X9 is a 1600mm wide, 40 inch unwind diameter, 40 inch rewind diameter duplex slitter. 

The Berkeley X9 has a compact design with integral unwind which minimises the machine's footprint, reducing the risk of material contamination found (something often found in machines with separate unwinds). 

Although the cost of an integral machine is higher due to the greater rigidity required, it is easy to move the machine without the necessity to rewire and realign the machine each time it is moved.