Berkeley BX320-B2


Web Width: 320mm, 350mm, 420mm, 550mm and 600mm

Cutting Width: 300mm, 330mm, 400mm, 530mm and 580mm

Cutting Length: 290mm, 320mm, 390mm, 520mm and 570mm

  • Unwind Unit with (20”) 500mm dia Cantilever shaft with (3”) 76mm dia reel air shaft. 
  • Tension Control with dancer and brake for accurate web tension.
  • Server Infeed with photo sensor and re-pass facility for pre printed reels.
  • Side Lay adjustment and guide feeder.
  • 2 x Heavy duty platen with step and repeat action to die cut or hot foil.
  • 7 x Foil/Laminate/Material Unwind/Rewind Shafts to produce special products.
  • Outfeed Unit.
  • Matrix Rewind Unit with variable core shaft and friction tension control.
  • Variable size knife sheeter with outfeed table.
  • Product Rewind on cantilever (3”) 76mm dia reel air shaft.
  • Operator Panel with full controls

Berkeley BX320-B2

Speed:                         20-120 imp/min

Power Supply:             220 volts +/- 10%

Total power:                3.7kw

Weight:                        3200 kg

Overall dimensions:    3000L x 1200W x 1800H mm

The BX-320B is a variable flat die / and hot foil label and packaging processing machine, with the facility to manufacture a variety of added value products, through inserting the pre-printed product several times through its unique electronic server controlled re-pass system.

This design is for the BX420, BX550 and BX600. Extra features and options can be added with dry lamination, hot foil stamping, and numbering/personalisation.