VPM Berkeley Puncher

The VPM is an automatic punching/cutting machine to cut a wide range of paper and laminate profiles. The machine operates through a high speed platen processing unit using male and female dies. The waste is extracted automatically through the cycle of the production of profiles.

The operation of the machine is assisted by a PLC micro-electronic control system and colour LCD visual touch screen display with electronic optical tracking for pre-printed material and automatic compensation technology for length feeding control. The controls are easily displayed through an operator control panel and allows for accurate production of the cut/punched profiles. The length adjustment and electronic controls are driven by servo motors.

The punching process is done through a step and repeat motion, where male and female dies are manufactured to the profile of the design, and the pieces are punched through the punch tool and delivered through a tunnel and onto a stacking bar, which allows the operator to collect the outfeed converted punched products, without stopping the motion of the machine.

Tooling can be provided by Berkeley Machinery. We can advise on any special tooling required.


Model: VPM 3500 - web width 350mm
Model: VPM 5300 - web width 530mm
Model: VPM 7500 - web width 750mm
Model VPM 11800 - web width 1180mm