Apollo SRF 450 High Speed Slitter Rewinder

With Dual Rewinding and Semi Automatic Turret Rewinding

The Apollo SRF High Speed Slitter Rewind can be manufactured in web widths of 330mm and 450mm

The Apollo SRF (450) is a High Speed Narrow Web Slitting Machine suitable for rewinding a variety of labels, packaging and industrial materials. The machine has a user friendly operator touch screen and includes an integrated semi-automatic turret rewind incorporating a dual rewind. In the dual rewind mode one of the turret rewind mandrels can be changed to a suitable mandrel to match the bottom rewind mandrel, below the turret, allowing for slitting to be done in dual rewind mode. The use of the operator foot pedal allows for continuous production of the reels with high productivity. The slitting unit is supplied as standard with a rotary scissor type slitting system, which also incorporates razor slitting with a special adaptor, which can be added above the slitting unit. There are three independent automatic tension zones on the machine for the unwind and dual rewind/turret rewind. The operating screen allows for input of material length, label count and other user friendly features.

Apollo SRF 450 BLUE + new grey.jpg

1 x Unwind cantilever with a maximum 700mm dia. (27.6”) based on a 76mm (3”) pneumatic mandrel

1 x Automatic tension control unit with magnetic clutch

1 x Web guide with floating shaft for accurate web control on the unwind station, including two edge sensors

1 x Multi format draw path roller system for accurate conversion of labels, paper, laminates and foil

1 x Splicing table

1 x Process slitting station with draw rollers and quick change rotary slitting blades with the option to retrofit a razor slitting adaptor

2 x Slitting stations mounted parallel along the web path allows sideway adjustment of the material and is capable of slitting to a minimum web width of 18mm. If required the razor slitting station is capable of slitting to minimum width of 5mm. This unique design has been developed by Berkeley Machinery

1 x 2 cantilever duplex pneumatic product quick change rewind mandrels with 1 size of mandrels included  with magnetic clutches for accurate rewinding up to a maximum of 500 mm (19.7”).  Quick change rewind mandrels ranging from 25.4mm (1”) to 152.4mm (6”) are available

1 x Dual semi-automatic turret rewind unit to rewind reels up to a maximum of 305mm dia. (12”), including rewind mandrels ranging from 25.4mm (1”) to 152.4mm (6”)

1 x Quick change dual nylon gear drive to allow for rewinding on mandrels from 25mm (1”) to 76mm (3”) and 76mm (3”) + to 152.4mm (6”)

1 x Trim extraction unit for extracting trim waste

1 x Motor with drive

1 x Automatic operator touch screen unit for speed, length and label count and other user friendly production features (further client requirements can be added to the operator touch screen)

1 x Operator foot pedal for user friendly operation of the machine (inching, stop/start)

- Minimum slitting width 18mm on single slitting station

- Minimum slitting width 5mm on dual slitting station

- Slitting tolerance 0.2mm

- Slitting speed, depending on material, between 70-200m/min.

- Dimensions 1700mm (L) x 1200mm (W) x 1700mm (H)

- Weight 430kg

- Power: 2kw, 3 phase, 380V

 Optional Extras:

Extra airshafts can be added (45mm, 40mm, 25.4mm)                        

Machine is supplied with 1 off 76mm airshaft as standard.

Rotary Slitting Blades                                                             

Razor Slitting Adaptor Bridge                                                             

Razor Blades (pack of 20)                                                                 

Motorised Rewinding facility with automatic setting for change of rewind mandrel diameters.  Alternative to quick change gear drive for rewind mandrels

Machine can be customised to client's specification

1 year Warranty:-

The goods offered under this quotation are warranted free from defects in design, material and construction for a period of 12 months from the date of dispatch. Should a component fail during the 12 month warranty period it will be exchanged free of charge. The warranty is for parts only and does not include labour, travelling or delivery.

Schematic drawing of Apollo SRF 450 Slitter Rewind

Schematic Drawing