Codimag Viva 340 - 7 Colour Waterless Offset

REF: BM00328

This Machine Has Now Been Sold

Year of construction 2008
7 Waterless offset printing units + flexo varnish
Max printing width 335 mm
Max web width 340 mm
Min web width 100 mm
Substrate thickness 60th 300 my
Waterless offset printing
With Rota punch (Rotary Die)
Temparature regulation on viva 340
Waterless offset with the Toray plate relies on a layer of silicone on top of the plate to repel the ink in the non- image areas
The key to success in Waterless offset is temperature regulation. Indeed
You need to control your ink viscosity to make sure that the silicone does not accept
The machine has been revised:
- Renewal UV system IST (mirrors, lamps, etc)
- Ink zone remote adjustment APL
- New host Codimag (2014)
The machine is in good condition 
Can be seen in production