Soma Venus II Slitter Rewind

REF: BM00375

Year: 2008
Web width: 1100 mm
Speed 800 m/min
Min web width: 350 mm
Min slit width: 35 mm
Unwind Roll diameter: 1200 / 1500 mm
Unwind Roll weight: 1500 / 2000 kg
Rewind roll diameter: 800 mm
Core diameter: 70 / 76.2 / 150 / 152.4 mm
Rewind shaft max. load400 kg
Unwind roll system shaftless
Unwind roll brake AC servomotor
Hydraulic roll loading system
Unwind tension control  AC servomotor + dancer roller
Web guiding system digital
Slitting rotary knifes / razor blades
Slitting techniques wrap around female knife / tangential
Rewind tension control tensometric roller + friction ring technology
Min. rewind tension from 50 N/m
Max. rewind tension approx. 800 N
Strip holders two at rewind, one at slitting section
Banana roller driven and adjustable
Web adjustment roller three pieces, adjustable angle
Eccentric roller adjustable angle
Guiding rollers light aluminium with cork cover
Control touch screens, Mitsubishi PLC
Remote communication modem
Machine weight 6,700