Apollo Flexographic Press

Web width of 330mm, 480mm, 530mm, 650mm, 750mm, 850mm and 950mm wide

The Apollo is a label and packaging printing press capable of printing the highest quality labels in up to 10 colors. With a small footprint and easy operational functions, this is an excellent partner for the label printer or a useful addition to other larger presses. The specially designed web-path system reduces the web-path length throughout the press by over 40% compared to conventional inline presses. The tool-less design of the flexo units increases the preparation time of setting up a job, leading to greater efficiency and higher profits. 

Apollo 330Z-4 Color

The Apollo 530Z is built with unique features to produce profile printed products in different shapes, delivered on a customisable transport table. For example, we can include versatile and automatic product reel winding, achieved by utilizing a turret rewinding unit. 

Developments such as this demonstrate some of the several ideas we can combine enabling our clients to produce increasingly profitable products with value added options. 

Apollo 330Z-5 Color 

The Apollo 530Z is built with combination drying, IR drying, and UV compartments to enable the customer to print on a broad range of packaging materials, from unsupported film to heavy board products, including industrial laminates, etc. Special design features with multi die-cutting facilities and dual product rewind enable the user to produce unique products.

Apollo 330Z-8 Color

This design includes eight colors with combination dryers of UV and IR; a unique unwind and rewinding system, and a dual and jumbo rewinder with a power lift. This model can be built to the customer’s specification to include multi die-cutting stations and custom features enabling the customer to produce tailored products. A design developed by Berkeley Machinery.

Apollo 3302-9 Color

This model can be built with up to 9 colors, including larger unwind reel stands of up to 1,524mm. Further converting features including 3 or 4 die-cutting stations and a sheeting facility can also be added. Depending on your needs other unique designs can be incorporated in line to produce specialized products for the packaging and industrial consumer industry. 

Apollo 530Z-10 Color

The Apollo 530Z 10 color press is built with added delamination and relamination features for the production of specialized products, including labels, flexible packaging, and folded carton products. A special vacuum table is included and it has the advantage of two independent driven rewind units for the converting of standard and value-added products.