Autoflex Excel XT

A unique servo press designed with 3 servo-drive options to meet the customer’s requirements

The Autoflex Excel XT is a unique flexographic press which has been designed through years of historical research. Using requirements that clients have required in the past and extrapolating that into the future, we invented a press that allows clients to produce a variety of products which cannot be done on a standard press. From sophisticated label products to specialized film work with security features, and a range of folding carton products, the AutoFlex Excel can do it all. 

The press has been designed with an excellent construction, starting with a 50mm cast iron web structure side frame with a solid cross membrane, and stress values which far exceed the industries standards.

The press can be built from aweb width of 270mm, 340mm, 430mm, 480mm, 530mm, 610mm, 680mm, 830mm, 1120mm, 1300mm, 1435mm, 1600mm, and 1800mm.

Optional extra designs can be further added to enable the customer to produce more specific products. For example, the client may have to produce special patents for the manufacture of unique products. 

To assist you with a quotation, please let us know the number of colors you require and the product you want to produce. We will be able to offer you a unique press that provides better product solutions. 

The presses are designed with 3 servo options:

  1. Economy Version- Servo Print Tower and process unit with driven impressions cylinder and a mechanical drive to print unit.
  2. Popular Version- Servo Print Tower and process units are driven with 1 Servo motor for the print cylinder and process unit, but all impression cylinders run independently by a unique line shaft configuration.
  3. Special Version- Servo Print Tower and process units with 2 servo motors for each Print Tower and process unit. The Print cylinder is driven by a servo motor and another servo motor drives the impression cylinder.

Materials that can be produced on this Press:

  • All label Materials
  • Unsupported Film (Flexible Packaging)
  • Inline production of Folded Box Cartons
  • Liners for corrugated boxes (The Printed Reels are laminated to a corrugated fluted boards on a lamination production line)
  • Security products (Inline RFID, phone cards, smart cards etc..)
  • Specialised products to meet the client’s requirements