The Comet CS has top-loading print cylinder design. This allows the user to pre-register the print units prior to printing for very fast make ready. This design also ensures perfect plate to material pressure contact without adjustment. 

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Technical Specification


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  • Performance driven print stations - converting track included

  • Laser engraved anilox rollers with helical gears

  • Rollers designed for automatic throw-off without loss of register when press stops

  • Print cylinders & high precision ground impression cylinders

  • Top loading cylinder design, engineered for quick change overs

  • Moveable turnbar for reverse printing

  • Moveable delam/relam unit

  • Moveable cold foil unwind and rewind

  • Moveable pressure nip roller assemblies for cold foil and special jobs

  • Moveable cold lamination unit

  • Chiller impression cylinder with 37" circumference for short web paths

  • Unwind unit with pneumatic shaft and power roll lift

  • Corona unit for surface treatment of filmic materials

  • Web cleaner for surface cleaning of material

  • Web break detector

  • Web guide with electronic sensing, splice table, and closed loop tension control

  • Rail System, which allows the converting units to be moved to any print station

  • 19mm gauge steel manufactured print station side frames engineered to high precision tolerances

  • 25mm web stressed steel profile frames on die cutting stations designed for stability

  • Quick change tool-less ink tray, pneumatically released from print unit for rapid colour change

  • Designed and built for easy access to all parts. Easy cleaning, maintenance, and replacement.

  • Running lateral adjustment (manual) mode

  • Manual circumferential register +(-) 25mm to move plate cylinder - CS3 model only

  • 360° circumferential servo register control - CS5 and CS7 models

  • Reverse angle doctor blade with fine adjustment

  • SureMax UV units with step-less control. Can be fitted with Mercury or LED lamp heads

  • Hot Air & IR integrated dryers with independent temperature control for each print unit

  • Automatic self-cleaning throw-off without loss of register when the press stops

  • Automatic plate cylinder throw-off without loss of register when the press stops

  • User friendly control panel for each print and converting station

  • Metering roller

  • Stainless steel ink tray

  • Middle air nip roll

  • Air operated rubber roll

  • Pressure regulator and indicator

  • Ground steel pressure roll

  • Video web inspection system with 17" monitor

  • Rotary slitting unit with two pneumatic slitting blades

  • High speed waste rewind unit

  • Rotary die stations with removable anvils as standard

  • Rotary die cutting sheeting station

  • Rotary Sheeting cylinder

  • Video Plate Mounter with dual plate mounting system to allow for conventional and Comet design print cylinders with pre-key registration system

  • Sheeting conveyor

  • Tinting roller

  • Chiller refrigeration unit

  • Crush slitting & razor slitting

  • CE certified with full safety features


Schematic Drawing for a Comet Sprint CS370-9