The Comet RS is a narrow web flexographic label and packaging press for labels, special packaging materials, and folding box cartons. Available in 4 web widths of 270mm, 340mm, 430mm and 530mm.

The machine is equipped with the latest rail system which allows other converting modules to be added for multi-converted products. It has very fast make-ready features such as a slide-out Ink Tray cassette, which includes tool-less change-over for the anilox roll, metering roll and print cylinders.


The unwind and rewind are controlled by a unique closed loop tension control, a variable in-feed, and automatic tension control systems ensuring perfect print register.

The Print Unit has a special mounting system for exchanging print cylinders. The registration of the print can be adjusted linearly and laterally when the press is running.

The Ink Tray has a unique design allowing the use of all types of inks including water based, solvent and UV. This technology helps maintain good print speeds when running the Press. 

The diameter of the anilox roller exceeds the standard industry requirement, which allows for better print quality when in contact with the printing plate.

The Press can be custom-made to meet the customer’s requirements with up to a maximum of 12 Print Stations, which features  Berkeley Machinery’s unique design service. The converting features can be designed to meet the customer's specifications.

The Press can be built from 1 to 4 die-cutting stations, a sheeting station, a lamination facility, numbering, and other special features. Web-video monitoring and inline personalisation can also be added along with an in-line cold and hot foil facility.