• Dimensions: 230mm x 165mm x 110mm
  • Sony Super HAD Color CCD Sensor
  • Motorised 18 x Zoom, Iris, Focus
  • 8 Close up lens
  • 90mm x 67mm appropriate maximum viewing area

Main Console

  • Dimensions: 65mm x 305mm x 225mm
  • Front mounted keypad to control the following: Zoom, Focus, Iris, Step movement along web


  • Magnetic proximity sensor
  • Universal sensor mounting bracket
  • 5 metres of sensor extension cable

On Screen Display

  • Full Color User Interface for easy setting of system parameters and gear synchronisation


  • Manual Traverse up to 500mm
  • Standard press side frame mounting bracket


  • 3m Umbilical from Console to Camera
  • 1.5 Power Cable


  • Any PC monitor can be purchased by customer


  • Hyper-strobe
  • Single position memory storage
  • Dynamic Scan
  • 180 Degree Image Flip
  • Split Screen
  • Non-volatile Program Settings
  • Simple DIY Installation
  • Internal Surge Protection

Traverse and cable length requirements vary on each press, please check to ensure that the standard lengths quoted meet your requirements.

The above specification is for a standard web viewer requiring a clean/noise free, 230 volt, 50/60 Hz 5 amp mains supply. If different is required we must be notified on receipt of order.

Please note that the Autoview system has not been designed for use within hazardous / explosive areas.

The above and attached system specification type is covered by a 1 year parts and labour only warranty from the date of dispatch.