Auto Coat Laminator


The Autocoat Laminator/Coater is a high performance coating machine for a variety of applications such as self adhesive/pressure sensitive laminates.  The machine can produce a wide range of label products and special industrial products to meet individual client’s requirements.  The machine can be produced with several features added on and can incorporate intellectual ideas to satisfy the client’s requirements.

Web widths: 560mm, 820mm, 1191mm, 1591mm

Coating widths: 559mm, 819mm, 1190mm, 1590mm


  • 2 x Unwinds with power lift to take reels up to 1500mm diameter
  • 2 x Infeeds
  • 2 x Tension control units

Process station as follows

  • Die slot hot melt coating unit 
  • Hot melt tank
  • Hot melt pump station
  • 3 x chiller rollers for cooling of laminated material
  • Overhead path stand with path rollers
  • Outfeed unit
  • Tension control unit
  • Product rewind unit to rewind reels up to 800mm diameter
  • Set of air shafts for unwind and rewind
  • Operator control unit
  • Electronic drive cabinet

Coating speed: 120m/minute

Coating weight: From 10-200gsm/m2

Electrical power

  • 380/440V variable, 3 phase, 50Hz
  • Other electrical drives can be provided i.e. 460V     
  • Variable, 3 phase, 60Hz


12 months warranty for parts only, not including labour, travelling or delivery