The Autoflex Excel AS-C300

Automatic High-Speed Cutting Machine

The Autoflex Excel AS-C300 is a versatile, affordable, and reliable sleeve cutting machine with quick make ready features and easy to use operating controls. This high speed cutting machine can make up to 400 cuts per minute. 



Shrink Sleeve Cutting Machine Specification
  • Speed of cutting with step and repeat knife: 400 cut/min depending on the width and length of material
  • Unwind unit with 76mm pneumatic twin side frames
  • Magnetic brake
  • Automatic tension control system for perfect web control
  • Infeed system
  • Web guide system with electronic photocell unit
  • Variable step and repeat cutting system
  • User-friendly operating colour touch screen control
  • Input of variable cutting lengths
  • The finished sleeves are delivered on a unique stainless steel delivery table
  • Static eliminator controller which includes 2 static bars to alleviate static build up from the film.
  • Operator panel with full user-friendly and efficient operating controls