Apollo Signal 330


Our latest Apollo Signal registered die-cutting machine, especially designed to die-cut pre-printed label material and support the increased demand for digital printed reel products. The machine is equipped in line for inline lamination, and the die station can run with full rotary or with intermittent mode allowing the user to use one rotary die for any size. 

When a full rotary mode is required the operator changes the required die length by inserting a rotary die. With our unique adaptable die stations a printing press rotary die can be inserted into the die station, giving maximum speed and die cutting performance. When intermittent die cutting is required to save on die costs, the present die in the die station can be left in the die station and the required die length is inputted into the operator touch panel to cut any die length which is less than the die circumference in the die station at present. For example, if you are running a 12” circumference die, a 5” label can be produced; but if high die cutting speeds are needed then a 10” die is needed for the 5” label. 

This machine allows for excellent flexibility and is manufactured with the latest electronic servo drives with a full user-friendly operating panel and logic controls to give excellent converting performances. The machine can be designed with more options to allow the customer to produce other products like sheeted delivery, cold foil stamping, UV varnishing to register, and a digital platform to allow for full digital press performance.


  • Intermittent Speed: 330RPM
  • Full Rotary Speed: 80m/min
  • Accuracy of Cutting: +/- 0.12mm
  • Max Die Cutting Width: 320mm (12.59")
  • Max Die Cutting Length: 350mm (13.78")
  • Paper Width: 80mm - 320mm
  • Max Unwinding Diameter: 700mm (about 2000 meters)
  • Max Rewinding Diameter: 700mm (about 2000 meters)
  • Maximum Magnetic Cylinder Range: 8-13.7"
  • Length of Die Cutting: 50mm - 350mm
  • MOTOR Power: 8KW
  • Overall Diameter LxWxH: 2900mm x 1200mm x 1500mm
  • Weight: 2500KG

Optional Extras

  • Digital engine to produce processed printed work
  • UV unit
  • Cold foil to register
  • Flexographic Printing unit
  • Special modules on customer’s requirements