Apollo SRD 330/550 Slitter Rewinder



Apollo SRD Specification.png
  • Unwind cantilever unit to take 500mm dia. rolls with pneumatic shaft of 76mm

  • Tension control

  • Floating shaft web guide for accurate slitting

  • 3 x format draw rollers

  • Splicing table

  • Sideway adjustment

  • Die cutting unit and matrix rewind with magnetic clutch for production of plain labels from 7” – 18.5” (178mm-470mm) repeat / 1/8” pitch

  • Slitting station with quick change rotary slitting blades, including 9 slitting blades top & bottom

  • 2 x cantilever duplex pneumatic product rewind shafts with

  • Magnetic clutches for each shaft including 1 size of air shafts and particle brake

  • Trim extraction unitwith exhaust fan

  • Motor with drive

  • Tools and spares

  • Automatic operator control unit for speed, length and label count

Optional Extras

  • Extra die cutting station

  • Extra matrix rewind

  • Lamination station with unwind

  • Sheeting station and conveyor

  • Extra shafts can be added (45mm, 40mm, 25.4mm)

  Machine comes with 1 off 76mm air shaft as standard.