Apollo SRD-SX 330/520 Slitter Rewinder


The new Apollo SRD-SX 330/520 converting machine is useful for a wide range of print, die cut, or varnish products. These can be used for both the digital offline converting and added value converting market, specially designed for die cut/pre-printed reels.

The converting of pre-printed product uses the latest too-less facility by running both full rotary and intermittent production. Extra features can be added to meet the customer’s requirements. 


  • SERVO unwind cantilever unit to take 500mm dia. rolls with pneumatic shaft of 76mm
  • Tension control with SERVO drive infeed
  • Electronic web guide with ultrasonic sensing for accurate web control
  • 3 format draw rollers
  • Splicing table
  • Sideway adjustment
  • Full SERVO and INTERMITTENT driven die cutting unit and matrix rewind for production of plain labels from 7” – 18.5” repeat / 1/8” pitch
  • Independently driven slitting station with quick change rotary slitting blades
  • 2 SERVO cantilever duplex pneumatic product rewind shafts with 1 size of shafts included
  • Trim extraction unit 
  • Motor with drive
  • Controls and drive for re-registration – to process pre-printed reels
  • Automatic HMI colour touch screen operator control unit for speed, length and label Count and user-friendly operating controls
  • Minimum cutting width 10mm
  • Cutting precision +(-) 0.2mm
  • Slitting speed, depending on material, between 80-120m/min.
  • Die cutting speed, depending on design, between 80-120m/min.
  • Dimensions 1500mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 1200mm (H)
  • Weight 1,800kg

Optional Extras 

  • Extra die cutting station with SERVO drive
  • Extra mechanical die station with mechanical link
  • Print station with SERVO drive for print/varnish
  • Cold foil unit/unwind re-wind
  • Hot foil in full rotary and intermittent mode
  • Cold UV system with step-less control
  • Full Flexo printing or intermittent
  • Extra matrix re-wind with mechanical drive
  • Lamination station with unwind
  • Extra air shafts can be added (45mm, 40mm, 25.4mm)

Each Machine comes with 1 off 76mm air shaft as standard.