The Autocut 2600


The Autocut Slitter Rewinder is suitable to slit a wide range of paper and board materials from 30gsm – 550gsm.  The process unit allows you to convert materials with uneven gauge across the web using a unique surface centre rewind facility.

The machine is controlled by an electronic PLC (programmable logic controller) which is linked to a comprehensive HMI (human machine interface) touch screen with complete user-friendly logic controls.


  • Winder Width: 2600mm
  • Maximum Winding Width: 2550mm
  • Minimum Winding Width: 600mm
  • Maximum Parent Reel Diameter: 1500mm
  • Minimum Cutting Width: 200mm
  • Minimum Reel Diameter: 150mm
  • Maximum Mechanical Speed: 500m/min
  • Maximum Finished Reel Diameter: 1200mm
  • Finished Reel Core Diameter: 76mm, 152mm or 140mm
  • Number of Slitters: 8
  • Material to be wound: Paper, board, special security substrates, banknote paper etc
  • Grammage: From 30 to 550gsm
  • Unwinding Stand Type: Shaft-less with motorised lateral adjustment
  • Minimum Width between two knives: 10mm


The unwind unit is capable of taking a maximum reel of 1500mm with shaft-less locking of reel cores.  The shaft-less arms are motorised, giving infinite web control. They have automated sideway adjustment with a floating web guide system. This allows for accurate infeed through the processing unit, which is operated with optical sensors on the unwind unit.  

The machine will be provided with shaft-less chucks of 76mm diameter and other sizes can be purchased at a future date.  The shaft-less unwind reel stand is connected to a hydraulic lifting device giving accurate and smooth lifting. Lowering of the unit is also achievable without any operational problems.  A safety locking device is incorporated within a hydraulic control unit to eliminate any failure or risk to the operator.

Material Control

The material is controlled by a series of dynamically controlled path rollers including a load cell control system, giving accurate tension feed back to the monitoring of the unwinding material on the unwind stand.

Process Unit

The process unit converts the infeed of paper from the unwind by logic instructions linked to the PLC. It's monitored by the operator on the HMI screen, giving easy and user-friendly access to the conversion of the required material.  There is a quick-change rotary shear knife system which is located to the front of the machine allowing the operator to change the settings of the knives easily. The process unit provides a unique surface rewind lay-on roller to allow for good rewinding of paper materials, which is independently linked to a centre rewinding unit to allow for the rewinding of difficult materials.  This combination of both surface and centre provides a unique feature.  A provision is made within the slitting facility to slit with a minimum of 50mm and up to a maximum of 2600mm wide.

Rewind Unit

The rewind unit is designed with an independent motorised rewinding facility, operated by the electronic PLC allowing for smooth rewinding.  The unloading and lifting of the rewound material is operated by a hydraulic device which provides for all operators safety.  The rewind unit holds the reels by an air shaft which is inserted through the paper reel core allowing for the independent driven centre rewinding operation. Combined with the added integration of the surface lay-on roller in the process unit, the machine provides for the unique conversion of perfect converted reels.


The machine is manufactured with heavy duty steel with solid cross member frames to allow for stability.  All electronics and mechanical components meet with CE requirements and the machine is approved and certified for CE.

Optional Extras

  • Trim extraction with extraction fan and controls
  • Laser light blade slitting unit
  • Video camera web monitoring system to display unwinding of reel
  • EMU (electronic management union) to allow for remote monitoring of the machine giving full production information linked directly on the premises, or linked through a secure website with pin access