The Autocut SR1350


  • Web Width: 1350mm
  • Unwind diameter: 1250mm x 70/76mm core on pneumatic expanding shafts on reel stands made from 45mm cast iron. A cast iron cross brace frame of 100mm to support both side frames
  • Operating Speed: Up to 500m per minute through digital drive and P.L.C control panel. For small roll production the speed is normally reduced by the operator
  • Maximum Rewind diameter: 150mm for automatic ejection. 300mm for manual ejection
  • Minimum Rewind diameter: 30mm for automatic ejection
  • Minimum Core diameter: 12mm O.D.
  • Substrate: 45gsm to 100gsm (weights of 120gsm have been tested with excellent results)
  • Drive: 10hp motor
  • Brake: Magnetic particle brake with infinite control to digital drive and main control panel
  • Slitting System: Scissor type with 24 sets of rotary cutters with holders top and bottom. Minimum slitter width 17mm
  • Tension: Automatic web tension system by dancer roll control and assisted by guide rollers
  • Rewind: Surface type rewind system and one spreader roll before rewinding
  • Gluing Unit: Suitable for gumming and sealing of finished roll. System can also be used for 2ply rolls

Other Features

  • Automatic finished reel pusher which is designed to push rolls up to 150mm dia.
  • Pneumatic linear cutting system
  • Rider rollers will be pneumatically controlled in lieu of spring control
  • Automatic pressing of paper with tuck in system
  • Complete bottom cutter shaft assembly for one size
  • Two number of rewind shafts for I.D. 12.7mm and one other size will be supplied with the machine 

Optional Extras

  • 24" vibrator bowl and core loader
  • Conveyor to take finished rolls to packing line, including roll separator for interlocked cores