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Gallus Arsoma EM410

REF: BM00329
Year: 1995
Total Print Stations: 9
Flexo Print Stations: 8
Web Turn bar
Movable Gallus Screen Unit


Gallus EM410 - 4 Colour Package

REF: BM00318
Year 1991
4 x Water based Flexo units
1 x UV dryer
3 x Punching units


Gallus EM410 - 6 Colour UV Flexo Press

REF: BM00326
Year: 1990
Corona Treater
E + L Web guide


Gallus EMS340

REF: BM00334
Year: 2010
Unwind unit with pneumatic roll lift
Corona treater
Web cleaning


Gallus EM510

REF: BM00335
Age: 2001
Web width: 510mm
Web guide


Gallus EM280

REF: BM00340
Year: 2005
7 x Flexo print stations


Gallus EMS410

Year: 2007
Web Width: 410mm
8 x Flexo print stations
Full GEW UV + 4 Hot Air


Gallus EMS510

Year: 2005
Unwind with pneumatic reel lift
Сorona Arcotec FEO
Double sided web cleaner


Gallus EM280 - 5 Colour UV Flexo Press

REF: BM00353
Year: 2011
5 x Flexo print stations


Gallus EM280 - 4 Colour UV Flexo Press

REF: BM00354
Year: 2011
4 x Flexo print stations