Gidue Combat 430 - 8 Colour UV Flexo

REF: BM00313

This Machine Has Now Been Sold

Year: 2005
8 x Flexo print stations
2 rotary punches (top / bottom punching)
UV curing
Max. Working width 435 mm
Max speed 165 m / min
BST video web inspection 
Cold foil stamping
Delam/Relam unit
Web turn bar
Back print

16 pieces magnetic cylinder (see details below),
101 pieces of printing sleeves (including air carrier cylinder, gears, forming rings)
(See below for details)
26 anilox rollers (see details below)
1 piece mounting device for printing cylinder
2 pieces of friction shafts for cold foil / laminating film processing
1 piece additional punching in addition to the double punch
3 Workbenches
Chiller unit