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Nilpeter B3000 - Rotary Letterpress

REF: BM00314
Year: 2002
6 x Rotary letterpress print stations
1 x Flexo print station 


Nilpeter MO-3300

REF: BM00317
Year: 1997
Web Width: 340 mm 
Printing Width: 310 mm
1 Meter unwind


Nilpeter 330 - 6 Colour

REF: BM00321
Age : 1994
Letterpress label press
Nos 1 unwind unit
Nos I infeed


Nilpeter F-3000

REF: BM00338
Year: 1994
Max. web width: 300 mms
Max. printing width: 295 mms
Repeat range: 140 to 323 mms


Nilpeter F-280

REF: BM00339
Year: 1992
Max. web width: 280 mms
Max. printing width: 275 mms
Repeat range: 140 to 323 mms


Nilpeter FA3300

REF: BM00343
Year: 2007
Servo infeed and outfeed + on impression and print cylinders
Also has central shaft
Number of colours: 10


Nilpeter FA 3300

REF: BM00361
Year: 2004
Max Web width: 340 mm
Max Print width: 333 mm
Max Print Width Screen: 300 mm


Nilpeter MO3300 8 Colour

REF: BM00367
Year: 2000
Unwind unit
Infeed unit


Nilpeter FA 4 - 8 Colour UV Flexo

REF: BM00381
Year: 2007
Web width; 420mm
8 Colour, 16" (410mm), Full Servo Flexo Press with Chill Rolls