Omega C330 Converter

REF: BM00315

Slitting and rewinding machine - suitable for the pharmaceutical and security label markets. 

Year 2010 
Web width: 330 mm 
Servo driven 1000 mm unwind with roll lift, web guide and splicing table with interlocked pneumatic web champs and tape dispenser 
2 x die cutting stations with 1 Kocher & Beck Gap Master upgrade 
Perforation and creasing 
Electronic web guiding system with ultra-sonic sensor suitable for clear substrates 
PIV box for better web tension control 
Inspection frame, suitable for mounting flag/splice detection sensors and missing label detection 
Back scorer die-unit 
1 x Bulk waster rewind 
2 x Matrix stripping stations 
Scissor slitting knife box, complete with 10 sets of rotary scissor knives, auto knife throw off, removable knife shafts for easy webbing 'on the run' lateral adjustment 
Die lifting tool 
Air assisted web turn bars