Shiki F330 - 7 Colour Intermittent Offset Press

REF: BM00221

This Machine Has Now Been Sold

Age: Circa 2002
Print width: 330mm
Unwind: 700mm reel dia.
6 intermittent offset units with Dalgren dampening and ink duct unit

1 flexo print station for varnishing

7 UV dryers

1 intermittent rotary die cutting station
Full operating control systems on all print units and converting stations
1 matrix rewind station
1 product rewind: 700mm reel dia.
1 electrical cabinet
1 refrigeration cooling dampening unit with recirculation pump

1 video web inspection system
Set of dry offset and letterpress sleeves
Print plates: Offset, dry offset and letterpress
Power supply: 380/440V variable, 3 phase, 50Hz
Available immediately

The Press can also print dry offset and letterpress, with separate undercut sleevesThis is done by closing the dampening units of the offset unit and using the offset ink tray to allow for both dry offset and letterpress to be printed on the required material or label stock.

This press is in excellent condition and has been regularly serviced.