The Berkeley AP plate mounter is suitable for plate mounting application on letterpress, rotary narrow web flexo printing presses, and wide web flexo printing presses.  The plate mounter is capable of handling print cylinders with a diameter of 50 to 1300 mm, depending on the model.

It works via two movable high resolution video cameras to zoom in on the registration mark on the plate displaying it on the monitor.  The cameras are then moved to match the registration mark of the plate against the recorded position on the monitor until there is an exact plate to cylinder match. This action can be repeated for mounting additional printing plates. It is user friendly, faster and more precise than mounting plates manually. The Berkeley AP plate mounter will help you to achieve higher production efficiency and better print quality.

On the Berkeley AP plate mounter, there is a mounting arm which supports the video camera and is automatically driven by a motor. 

Two plate cylinder brackets are movable to support any print cylinder width within the operating capacity. On the left side of plate mounter there is an eccentricity/adjustment frame, which makes it very convenient to adjust parallel configuration between scribed lines on the plate cylinder and the register mark shown on the video cameras. On the right side of the frame you can secure the plate cylinder by locking the friction plate mechanism, which will avoid the plate cylinder rotation ensuring precise plate-mounting.

The Berkeley AP plate mounter has the option to work with sleeves and conventional print cylinder shafts or journals. There is an air supply position on one side of the air mandrel and a plate sleeve can be fitted on or removed easily by the operator. Further details can be provided subject to enquiries.