The Apollo Series

The Apollo SR

The standard Apollo Slitter Rewinder machine that Berkeley Machinery offers. The Apollo SR can be manufactured with additional customisable options if required. 


The Apollo SRD-SX

The Apollo SRD-SX includes all of the above features, but the die-cutting unit can now run full rotary and semi rotary.

Semi rotary gives you the advantage of using a standard die to cut any size, without the need to change the die. 

The Apollo SRD

The Apollo SRD is the Apollo SR with a die-cutting unit suitable for producing plain labels or other commercial and industrial products. 


The Apollo SRF 450

The Apollo SRF 450 is a High Speed Narrow Web Slitting Machine suitable for rewinding a variety of labels, packaging and industrial materials.

The machine has a user friendly operator touch screen and includes an integrated semi-automatic turret rewind that incorporates a dual rewind. 

The Apollo SRD-S

In addition to the die cutting unit the Apollo SRD-S also includes a servo register giving it the facility to die cut pre-printed reels in register. 


The Apollo Signal

The Apollo Signal registered die-cutting machine is designed to die-cut pre-printed label material, and support the increased demand for digital print reel products.

The machine is equipped in line for inline lamination, and the die station can run with full rotary or with intermittent mode which allows the user to use one rotary die for any size