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ASHE 330 Slitter Rewinder

REF: BM00239
76mm Air unwind
Max dia. 700mm
Splice table
Web guide
Rotary slitting


Apollo TR550 Automatic Turret Rewinder

REF: BM00224
Age: 2013
Web width 530mm
1 turret with 2 spindles including 76mm airshaft
1 infeed control to connect to any web press
Finished reel diameter 800mm


Autoflex XT 1800 - 8 Colour

REF: BM00215
Flexo/Letterpress/Offset Flexo
Model - Autoflex XT  1800-8 shaftless Servo Type Press
Age: 2015
Web width 1800mm
Substrates Print repeat    


BST Camera

REF: BM00220
BST EuroScope camera
Age 2002


Carint Gemini 1150 - 6 Colour

REF: BM00213
Year of construction: 1991
Material: HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PP, Paper
Web width: 1150 mm
Print width: 1100 mm
Drying system: Electrical


Colordyne 1600-PC

REF: BM00164
Age: 2012
Colordyne PC Chassis Engine, 5 Blade Unit, 1600x1200 dpi
CDT – Job Control Software with PC
Flatbed Scanner with Color Calibration
160 Feet/Minute Max. Printing Speed


Orthotec Silkscreen Machine

REF: BM00274
Model: SRN3030/2UV
Age: 2004
Dimensions: 5580 x 1240 x 1360mm
Max. Printing Area: 300mm x 300mm
Max. Screen Frame: 680mm x 540mm


Rotopress 3510-7D 7 Colour

REF: BM00233
Year: 1996
Unwind roll lifter
Unwind with end of roll stop
Magpower auto tension
Electronic web guide


Rotopress 4002 - 8 Colour

REF: BM00232
Year: 1993
Unwind roll lifter
Unwind with end of roll stop
Magpower auto tension
Electronic web guide


2003 Schober Labeltec

REF: BM00251
Year: 2003
550mm web width
1000mm diameter unwind
Splice table
Web guide


2008 Schober RSM 520/6

REF: BM00252
Year: 2008
550mm web width
1000mm diameter unwind
Splice table


Ultracoat 900 FST

REF: BM00235
Sheet fed flexographic coater suitable for coating a wide range of varnishes, adhesives and special coatings.
Maximum coating thickness is 15 um
Sheet Size: Max 640 x 940mm (25” x 37”)
Sheet Size: Minimum 330 x 406mm (13” x 16”)
Maximum image Area: 630 x 930mm (24.8” x 36.625”)


W&H Olympia - 8 Colour

REF: BM00227
Year: 1996
Print units: 8
Maximum web width: 1300 (mm)
Maximum printing width: 1250 (mm)
Minimum print repeat: 320 (mm)


LPM 300 GT LINTEC Intermittent Letterpress machine

REF: BM00278
Age 1998
7  colour leterpress print unit
1 colour flexo lac unit
8 piece UV unit


Primera CX1200 & FX1200

REF: BM00279
Print Speed: 83mm/second, 5 meters/minute
Print Method: Color Laser with four separate laser engines (CMYK)
Display:  4-line, 160 x 64 pixel, backlit gray-scale display
Printer Processor: 800MHz / 133MHz / 256MB RAM (opt. 768MB)


Multitec Eco Smart 330 - 10 Colour

REF: BM00285
10 Colour  
Hot Air Dryer
IR Dryer
Servo In feed



REF: BM00288
Year: 2003
Web width: 510mm
1 x Unwind unit


Omega 410 Die Cutter

REF: BM00299
Unwind with roll lift
Web width: 410mm
Web guide
Splice table


Newfoil 3000 Hot Foil

Web width: 200mm
1 x Hot foil print head 150mm x 225mm
1 x Flatbed die cutting unit 150mm x 225mm


Eclipse LF3 Digital Label Finishing Machine

Digital cutting
Summa plotter technology
Lamination for effect or to protect your labels – unsupported or linear options available
Waste matrix removal


Kompac EZ Koat Web 15 Coater

"One of a kind" coating solution for digital labels
Easy to set up & operate
Apply UV, aqueous, specialty coatings & primers


GM PN-100 Automatic Core Cutter

REF: BM00311
Year: 1998
1000mm length
Cutting speed: 70 cuts/min


BHS UFL 1310 9 Colour UV Flexo Press

REF: BM00312
Max web width: 1380 mm
Min web width: 900 mm
Max printing width: 1360 mm


Gidue Combat 430 - 8 Colour UV Flexo

REF: BM00313
Year: 2005
8 x Flexo print stations
2 rotary punches (top / bottom punching)


Omega C330 Converter

REF: BM00315
Year 2010 
Web width: 330 mm 
Servo driven 1000 mm unwind with roll lift